Events Forest Soul Gathering 2017
Dear Forest Souls, welcome to our first edition. We have one precise goal in mind: transmit a precise energy to this land and people while activating a “green zone”, rich in history and nature, one of the birthplaces of the Celtic tribes. In order to have fun, exchange and learn with each other without the frustration of the non-respect of our values, we have decided to accept the long term challenge of the 100% renewable. We describe the Forest Soul as an offer of alternatives that can evolve into guidelines, an untouched and magical place ready to host your respect, your diversity, your souls, your talents, histories, experiences and your families.Was performed:From 2017-07-21 to 2017-07-25
MAINSTAGE ❂ SPECIAL LIVE GUESTS ❂ ❂ EPHEDRA - Goa Madness Records ❂ ❂ TARA PUTRA - Purple Hexagon Records ❂ LIVES AND DJSET’S ACTARUS - Maharetta / Moonloop records (Dj Set) AHYOKA - Melting Runes Records / Technophobia Records (Dj Set) ANAHATA - Quantum Digits Records / Kunayala Productions (Live) ANGRY LUNA - O.V.N.I Records (Live) ANNA RF - Promanago (Live Band) ANOKHA - Namasté Records (Dj Set) ATACAMA - Digital Om Productions (Live) CABEIRI - Altar Records (Live) CELS MIMESIS - Mimesis (Live) CÉSAR MIMESIS - Suntrip Records (Dj Set) CEZZERS - Solar Tech Records (Live) DHIRA - Peak Records (Dj Set) DO RE MIX - Danza Bookings (Live) ETNOSCOPE (LIVE) EXOLON - BMSS Records (LIVE) FREEDOM FIGHTERS - HOMmega Productions (Live) FROSTBITE - One Foot Groove Records (Dj Set) FUTURE PROPHECY - Danza Bookings (Live) FX23 - ADN (Live) GENETRICK - Digital Om Productions (Live) GEKO - Fractal Records (Live) GRAVITECH - Gravitech Music (Live) GRUB - Zenon Records (Live) HOFFMAN - Astropilot Music / Pulsar Management (Dj Set) INSAINT - Urban Antidote Records (Dj Set) HYDRA-E - Namasté Records (Live) KAAYAAS - O.V.N.I Records / Bloombastic Records (Live) KASADELICA - Hadra Records (Live) KASHYYYK - Kamino Records (Live) KURANDINI - Cronimi Records (Live) KOR - Code Vision Records (Live) LUNATICA - Digital Om Productions (Live) LUTIN DES BOIS - Oréades Productions (Live) LUNARAVE - O.V.N.I Records (Live) MAITIKA - Digital Om Productions (Live) MARK DAY - Blue Hour Sounds (Live) MFG - Danza Bookings (Live) MICROSPHERE - Namasté Records (Live) MILLIVOLT - Zenon Records (Live) NIBANA - Ovni Records / ADN Music (Live) NEOGENESIS - Kunayala Productions (Dj Set) ORGANIC WAVES - O.V.N.I Records / World Trance (Live) ON3 - HOMmega Productions (Live) OZONEE - Kunayala Productions (Live) PARASECT - Bom Shanka Music (Live) RADICAL DISTORTION - Zion 604 (Live) RISE - Oréades Productions / Trancinetik (Dj Set) ROY SASON - Zion 604 (Dj Set) SIDEFORM - Iboga Records (Live) SHAN - Namasté Records (Dj Set) SHIDAPU - Zion 604 (Live) SHIVAOHM - Another Dimension, Banyan, Space Baby, Biijan, Visionary Shamanics (Live) SKIZOLOGIC - Zion 604 (Live) SKY TECHNOLOGY - TimeWarp Records (Live) SPEK - Bloombastic Records (Live) TERRATECH - Urban Antidote Records (Live) TOTAL ECLIPSE - Tribal Records (Live) TILT - Hadra Records / Free Spirit Records (Dj Set) TWISTED KALA - Lycantrop Rec / Akashik Rec (Live) WIKILEADZ - O.V.N.I Records (Live) YATRA - Karmaguardians (Dj Set) ZEAMOON - Zenon Records (Live)



Barragem de Pisões Negrões - Montalegre Portugal