Kunayala Productions is a family enterprise specialized in creating cultural, artistic and sport events, and also in producing and distributing handicraft. For 2017, we have the project to produce and follow young artist with who we share a deep love for music and its social, spiritual and political virtues.

With our activity, we desire to be part of a fundamental transition in the evolution of our species, which goes through uniting the individuals around these artistic, cultural, ecological and social dynamics. We keep as a main challenge and condition, in the medium term, for the organization of our events the autonomy of our energy sources.

Events creation is for us a way to show, expose, an amount of alternatives, a soup of knowledges, cultures, expressions, perceptions and educations that need to be understood to create tomorrow’s world. We imagine it pacific, possible and responsible. We always add love, tolerance and music because those elements make it magic.


Forest Soul Gathering 2017 Dear Forest Souls, welcome to our first edition. We have one precise goal in mind: ...