Artistas DJ Actarus
Sebastien Actarus é um DJ francês.
Sebastien began his party life in the teckno festivals of his native country of France in 1997. In 2000 he moved to Switzerland and he found himself quickly attracted to psytrance. After many free parties he started to mix psytrance, progressive and full-on in 2006. In 2007 he start to play in partys and create is alter ego ACTARUS. His style is now mostly funky and groovy , with big basslines ; cosmic waves and tribal sounds... Also exploring deep psy techno & more industrial , funky prog house, and psybreak ... Currently living in Indonesia from 2011 and involved in event production of Space Bar (Gili Air), and main organiser from 2012 for Burning Island festival. Sebastien have the chance to spinn in many country in Europe and Asia and already played in festivals like: Timegate 2010 and 2012 in Swiss, Experience 2014 in Thailand , Antaris 2014 in Germany , Awaredance 2012 in Bali Burning island 2012 till 2016 in Indonesia Nozstock(tribe of frog stage) 2015 in England Goa cream 2015 England In 2010 he joined the swiss label of a groupe of friend "Moonloop Records" and in 2012 he meet Juan Hypnoise in Gili air in Indonesia where he invite him to be part of "Maharetta Records". FB: